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Where there’s smoke there could be fire.

At a recent school district meeting, an unnamed district employee, in relation to people raising issues about the district’s recent grades from the Texas Education Agency, was quoted in the local paper as saying, “Don’t listen to the noise”. Is that all the district hears when its constituents identify problem?

A New School Year at West Orange – Cove

“Our goal in delivering training is always to ensure that we provide students with the best quality education possible.” So started an article in a local paper by the Superintendent of Schools for WOCCISD just a few days later.

“The best quality education possible”, are you kidding?

What if Facebook did not have passwords?

Passwords are there to protect you, right?

But it can be a pain remembering all those different passwords for every single website you log into.

So what if Facebook decided to make it easier and not require a password to get into your account? Would that be good?

Changing Technology

Technology is constantly and rapidly changing.

As we hand over more and more of our control to technology, we need to consider the cost of such delegation especially in terms of privacy and security.

Can you really trust a virtual assistant to be loyal only to you?

Do You Trust Your Contractor?

Trust Your Contractor?

A major consumer issue today in Southeast Texas revolves around home contractor scams.

Almost everyone in this reading area knows of someone that has been scammed by a contractor. Could be a neighbor, a relative, or even themselves.

It’s a Matter of Trust

I’m setting the foundation upon which my upcoming posts will be based. In the past I have written about the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Praising people and organizations that have selflessly served others, some that have made mistakes in my eyes, and a few that were just plain ugly in their dealings. This will continue with posts that discuss various aspects of our community with a slant towards trust.

Islam is a religion.

Ask me if the religion of Islam is at odds with American values and I would answer, “Not much different than a lot of religions considered to be mainstream in the United States”. However, ask me if Political Islam is at odds with American values and I would answer with a resounding, “Absolutely YES”.

Why do politicians lie?

In practice, most of the time, if not all of the time, politicians don’t actually lie; although often they just don’t answer the question or give you the whole truth. Is that lying? Probably is.

Great people in Orange

There’s something about the heat we’ve been experiencing that seems to affect everything, even the gas gauge in a car. Recently I was on my way to a meeting in downtown Orange late in the afternoon and ran out of gas as I crossed 16th street.

Professional world-class service at reasonable Southeast Texas prices.

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