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Ethnic thoughts

Some of my earlier opinion pieces may have given you a few ideas about how I think. Maybe some of you have even developed a mental image of me. Let me give you a few more tidbits about me as a person, and then identify one of my hot-buttons for you to ponder. I live...

It’s Just a big still

Ever wonder why the petrochemical plants look the way they do? Or what actually goes on in there? I sure did when I first moved down here to SETX.  So, I looked into it and came up with a rather simple explanation. Conceptually correct, but not technically accurate by...

No kid sleeps on the floor in this town

No kid sleeps on the floor in our town Did you know that one in five people in Orange live below the poverty level? About one in ten struggles to make ends meet with less than half of the federal poverty level of income. It is difficult to find the actual statistics,...

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