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Ethnic thoughts

Some of my earlier opinion pieces may have given you a few ideas about how I think. Maybe some of you have even developed a mental image of me. Let me give you a few more tidbits about me as a person, and then identify one of my hot-buttons for you to ponder. I live...

Balance of powers in our Federal Elections

In a recent article I talked about the balance of powers built into our Federal Government by the Constitution. The “balance” part is called States’ Rights. The way in which we elect people to represent us also contains similar balance mechanisms. At the Federal...

Balance of powers in our Federal Government

Did you know that the United States is actually a Federal Republic? I’m sure most people have heard these words, and I’m also sure that most people don’t really know what they mean. Let’s start with “Republic”. In a Republic, the power is held by the people and...

Divide and Conquer

 The term “Divide and Conquer” has been around for thousands of years, often attributed to Julius Caesar in the first century BC. Russia uses that same strategy today, in the 21st century. DISINFORMATION Russia’s goal is to prey on and capitalize on existing...

Elections and Cybersecurity

99% of votes in the USA are either cast or counted by computers. We have invested in computerized elections because they reduce miscounts, help voters with disabilities, improve access to voting for rural voters, and speed up delivery of results. That’s goodness. Unfortunately, we have NOT invested in strong security for our computerized elections.

Knowledge is Power

You, the parents and taxpayers, have the right to speak out at the Board meetings. Go and exercise your rights. As citizens, you also have the right to vote in WOCCISD elections. Go and exercise your rights.
You also have the right to remain silent…and accept the status quo.
How will YOU vote for the $25 million bond issue? Where are YOUR priorities? What’s important to you as a parent, and/or a taxpayer? Early voting starts in just a few weeks on October 22nd.

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