Consistently spreading the message in support of your brand.


The Marketing Message

is important to your business…

and can help you create it.

The MARKETING MESSAGE is closely linked to BRANDING.

Like BRANDING, the MARKETING MESSAGE is strategic in nature and works over time. Also like BRANDING, the MARKETING MESSAGE is indispensable in setting the customer up to buy.

The MARKETING MESSAGE is not about you or your business, it is about the customer. (See the picture on the Three Deadly Marketing Message Sins.)

The MARKETING MESSAGE is both internal to your staff and external to your customers and suppliers.

OhainWEB business consultants can help you with that.

OhainWEB’s goal is for our clients to be successful.

Suppose that you want to be known as having “The freshest meat for your family in the Golden Triangle.” When people associate your name/ product/ service with that slogan – the marketing message has gotten across.

To get people to that point, you need consistent messaging across everything you do – from company brochures to paychecks and advertising. Consistent market messaging!

The freshest meat for your family in the Golden Triangle

Every piece of marketing that you do, especially your website, should support this marketing message.  You can talk about the health benefits associated with the freshest meat, about family meals or picnics, about the local ranchers that provide that meat “fresh from the ranch”, etc.

…and of course, you web design must also support that same marketing message.


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Let’s not confuse the MARKETING MESSAGE with a CALL-TO-ACTION – another form of messaging.

Be one of the first 30 customers when we open tomorrow and get a 50% discount on your fresh meat order (up to $25)


The Call-To-Action is a tactical message – the customer needs to do something NOW!


Contact us for all of your marketing needs.


OhainWEB has been serving the SETX community since 2005. We specialize in websites - with a strong emphasis on business planning and marketing. Good web design upfront is key to your success on the Internet.

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