20 Steps to Designing and Developing a Website

There’s more to designing and developing a website than the 4 simple steps outlined in the GETTING STARTED page.

Those steps are truly an overview. Something that won’t overload clients who are more concerned with the results than the process to get there.

For those clients interested in more detail, a OhainWEB.com it is actually more of a 20 step process, as follows:

20-Step Process

  1. Create page and navigation layout for approval
  2. Header and footer designed
  3. Home page designed
  4. Sub page(s) designed
  5. Send to client for approval
  6. Revisions on header, footer, home and sub page
  7. Once approved, build out remaining pages
  8. Create templates for standardized sections of website and recurring pages like galleries, projects, products, etc.
  9. Implement all integrations for mail list sign ups, social media, widgets, etc.
  10. Create and test all contact forms
  11. Adjust and optimize design for mobile and responsive use
  12. Input necessary SEO settings
  13. Double check site grammar and content
  14. Cross browser check and bug fixes
  15. Send for final review
  16. Make all final client revisions
  17. Create client custom dashboard and training video (if necessary)
  18. Delete unnecessary plugins, images and tools
  19. Backup site and save locally
  20. Launch site

This process can often be broken down into even more detail but this is the basic  structure of all that’s involved with every one of our builds whether it’s a 5 page brochure style site or a 50 page site with events, e-commerce, etc.



We use the 20-Step Process as a checklist and it’s been a good practice to make sure we’ve not overlooked anything before launching a site.

Creating a checklist like this and putting a timeline along with it can be a very efficient way to make sure your design / development process is lining up with your project deadlines.



Please note that the bolded lines above (1, 7, 20) coincide with the payment schedule, with 1/3 payments due.


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