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Elections and Cybersecurity

99% of votes in the USA are either cast or counted by computers. We have invested in computerized elections because they reduce miscounts, help voters with disabilities, improve access to voting for rural voters, and speed up delivery of results. That’s goodness. Unfortunately, we have NOT invested in strong security for our computerized elections.

Problems cannot be solved…

…without breaking them down into issues.

Like so many other things in life, problem solving activities have an “80-20 Rule”. To correctly address problems, spend 80% on your time on the problem and 20% of your time on the solution. Most people do it the other way around

Knowledge is Power

You, the parents and taxpayers, have the right to speak out at the Board meetings. Go and exercise your rights. As citizens, you also have the right to vote in WOCCISD elections. Go and exercise your rights.
You also have the right to remain silent…and accept the status quo.
How will YOU vote for the $25 million bond issue? Where are YOUR priorities? What’s important to you as a parent, and/or a taxpayer? Early voting starts in just a few weeks on October 22nd.

Where there’s smoke there could be fire.

At a recent school district meeting, an unnamed district employee, in relation to people raising issues about the district’s recent grades from the Texas Education Agency, was quoted in the local paper as saying, “Don’t listen to the noise”. Is that all the district hears when its constituents identify problem?

A New School Year at West Orange – Cove

“Our goal in delivering training is always to ensure that we provide students with the best quality education possible.” So started an article in a local paper by the Superintendent of Schools for WOCCISD just a few days later.

“The best quality education possible”, are you kidding?

What if Facebook did not have passwords?

Passwords are there to protect you, right?

But it can be a pain remembering all those different passwords for every single website you log into.

So what if Facebook decided to make it easier and not require a password to get into your account? Would that be good?

Changing Technology

Technology is constantly and rapidly changing.

As we hand over more and more of our control to technology, we need to consider the cost of such delegation especially in terms of privacy and security.

Can you really trust a virtual assistant to be loyal only to you?


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